Alpha and Omega

Like the English A, alpha is the first
letter in the Greek alphabet; and omega,
the last. When I was ten, under a blanket
and armed with a flashlight, I devoured 
those baroque prophecies of apocalypse
in the Book of Revelation. They were 
so cinematic; somehow un-Biblical, dense 
with special effects and angels blasting 
trumpets that rained down fire upon 
the earth, thunder, lightning, earthquakes. 
A star falls into an abyss, loosing a tribe 
of locusts with human faces and lions'
teeth. Wars and dragons, the old
heaven and earth and multitudes
scorched by fire or pestilence. 
What remains at the end is the infinite
that always was, and always will be—
forbidding vision of a future inscrutable 
as fate, terrifying as nightmare.

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