Brenda – Two other readers may not be a respresentative sample! You know the way things work in this end of the blogosphere: if someone doesn’t understand or like something, 99 times out of a hundred they keep their peace. If I don’t get too many comments on something, I figure it either flopped, or it stunned people into silence with its brilliance. :) This piece probably belongs more in the “flop” category: not enough clues. Or so your comments lead me to suppose. I should have followed the instinct that told me to put some comment about the disappearance of most marine life forms in the narrator’s description of his first encounter with the ocean, but then I though nah, keep it mysterious. But now I’m thinking that one or two more hints like that would make it a lot more comprehensible and compelling.

Speaking of Bloglines, it’s been really acting up lately, holding up random feeds – at least I can’t see a pattern to it. I’m thinking of switching aggregators, but that of course would be a hell of a hassle (at least until i get DSL, hopefully around Labor Day).