Joan – Interesting the difference in nuance between the two English words, dove and pigeon, isn’t it? I gather from that the O.T. has two words for doves, tor for turtle dove, and yonah for all other doves/pigeons. Both were admissible as sacrifices in Leviticus — the only birds so distinguished. The bird sent out from the ark during the Flood was a yonah, which I guess means that the dove of peace can be any old pigeon.

marly – Rilke’s New Poems are a favorite of mine, too. I agree, that would be a fine addition to the list. (If only I had given it a bit more thought, rather than rushing to post some chuckle-fodder! Ah, well.)

Larry – Thanks. If anyone wants to go to all the trouble to make such an illustration, I’d be more than happy to post it. (More than happy = ecstatic = one step away from spontaneous human combustion.)