Lucy, there’s nothing to forgive, thank you.

Teju, my brother, I’m glad you like the story, and I’m very glad to reconnect with you.

From the interview I did of you in Ann Arbor, published with two other interviews in the Ann Arbor Observer–a brief sample of some of the really cool and mind-opening stuff you said that day:

Me: What got you into studying art?

You: Strange–northern Baroque works. I was powerfully affected by Rembrandt as a child growing up in Nigeria. Seeing Rembrandt paintings in the flesh when I came to the United States was a really mind-blowing experience…. There are certain pieces of art that if they are hanging on the wall of a room, and you walk into the room, the presence of the work of art seems to make the room quieter than it really is. Rembrandt, Michaelangelo, all the others I sort of knew, but I didn’t encounter Vermeer and Breughel until I was thirteen. When I did, I just knew there was something absolutely amazing. Other things came later, like music and literature. I always enjoyed both, but not on this sort of “Wow, I feel my life changing before my eyes” level.