Thanks, Nathan, you really know how to pack a back-pack, er, story, that is. You personify what it is to be open and free and unworried. You did quite a lot in many locations with many people, covering ground as if time were somehow flexible and would stretch to hold whatever encounter or exchange you entered into. Travel is interesting that way, once again, that is, if you are young, open and unworried. Yes you have a series of points fixed in time, your bus departure to San Luis Potosi, the next day the bus trip to Guadalajara, then to Mexico City, then San Jose. But only those lonely points of fixity, all space and time between them fluid and it seems, in your case, expandable. Heady, is all the ground that moves beneath your feet, and bus sitting arse. Yet you are one to sit still, on a deserted road in an exotic space, after midnight eyes shut. Seeking a solitary vision you can mix in any company, as if all society and place were permeable to you, a particle unaffected by the electrical charges of those you mix with, be they rancher, American, evangelical or racist, attracting others into conversations free so free of agenda or want as to undo any constraint on the flow of words.