Great story, man – thanks for sharing. I hope you post it at your Zaadz site, too. As you can probably guess, my favorite part was the bit about the coyote chorus. That would’ve been worth the trip, for me. I’ve read Myerhoff’s Peyote Hunt, which I imagine was your main inspiration back then – a great book, one of the best on the whole subject of pilgrimage, until she gets into all the theory at the end. The anecdotes in your story about non-Indian Mexicans’ use of and respect for peyote were very encouraging. Altogether, you spin a very entertaining travel essay, and your penchant for detail, far from being a weakness, is a real asset.

Funny, just yesterday I was working on a short piece for this blog, the thrust of which was that visions in and of themselves aren’t worth much if they don’t make us into better people. I guess that’s obvious, but all too many people seem to overlook it. Expecting LSD or peyote to change one’s life is nothing more than idolatry, or attachment as the Buddhists say. But used mindfully – that’s another story.