Teju – O.K., but I must confess I agree more with the substance of Nathan’s addition. Plus, I don’t think it would be possibly to build a cathedral out of chalcedony.

Laura – For the benefit of newcomers like your friend, I suppose I should design a warning label for my sidebar:

CAUTION. It gets deep around here. Wear your wellingtons.

Then again, there is a “Falling Rocks Ahead” sign right in the address bar, for those whose browsers support such things.
(Thanks for talking up the blog, though.)

Rachel – Glad you liked.

Nathan – See my response to Teju. But I’m not sure that “Dude” is admissable in proper warning label discourse.

Bill – Great commentary; thanks! “Nugatory” is a cool word. You’re right about the schadenfreude and feeling of blessedness, I think. You almost have me convinced that this kind of warning label would improve the experience of cathedral visitors.