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kitten 2

“Why are people such heartless jerks?” this kitten might be thinking — but she isn’t, because she is the most cuddly, affectionate, purr-fect little snoogie-woogams you have ever seen!

“Is this the Apocalypse?” you might be wondering, because you never expected to read the words “purr-fect little snoogie-woogams” at Via Negativa. But look, I need to get rid of this cat. And I don’t feel like dealing with the Humane Society, who always hit us up for a donation and act as if it is our fault people like to dump their four-footed problems off at the entrance to Plummer’s Hollow. Somehow or another, Lucky here managed to make it all the way up the road on her own, through the ice and snow — and happened to find a bunch of a gun-toting bird-lovers in a charitable mood. (It helps that we had a gallon of sour milk to get rid of.)

kitten 1

See what an appealing little kitten this is? Do you really think she needs to die in the jaws of a coyote or the talons of a great-horned owl — or from a lethal injection at the local Humane Society? What has she done to deserve such a fate?

Please help her live up to her provisional name and spread the word: Lucky needs a home. I wasn’t kidding — she really is very affectionate. I’ve seen her catch a fast-moving small rodent (a meadow vole), so she’d probably make a good mouser. And she seems to know how to act around small children. Truly, a wonderful animal.

kitten 3

UPDATE: We appear to have a taker (see comments). In fact, Suzanne responded within 15 minutes of my putting up this post! Who needs the classifieds?

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  1. O Dave
    she’s a real beauty
    and I’ve actually been getting myself ready
    for a new kitten in the house . . .
    the question is

  2. You’re in the Albany area, right? If you are willing to make the drive, I’d be happy to provide free overnight accomodations, and of course a tour of the place. (That offer goes for anyone out of the area.)

  3. She’s beautiful, Dave. Were my own fierce mouser not so territorial, I’d consider it — I’d love an excuse to make it out to Plummer’s Hollow (assuming my poor old Subaru could make the trip.) But alas, Thorn would not take kindly to another critter — I fear violence would ensue. :-/

  4. When I saw Lucky’s photo, my disorientation was as complete as when I last tuned to a local classical music station, shortly after its unannounced takeover by Hot!99.5.

  5. when last late summer
    one of the two cats (brothers)
    I have/had
    walked out
    and never returned
    the poor lone cat (Quicksilver)
    who remained
    was devastated

    he waited and watched in the windows
    for his brother
    his pal
    and tghen shortly after when I left for several weeks
    he lost it completely

    he needs a feline companion
    and so do I

    I like to have three in the house
    but to be down to one
    is ridiculous
    so I’ve been looking . . .

    haven’t had a female cat
    for a couple of decades
    and I can’t resist this beautiful kitty

  6. thank you, Zhoen!

    I’ve been mind rummaging
    for the right name
    (critically important – the naming of a cat)
    I’ve had over 100 cats in my lifetime

    no not all of them indoor cats!!!
    and all with the exceptrion of one
    even perhaps psychotic one
    they have been incredible
    I’m sure this one will be too

    and even the psychotic one
    I loved and petted
    when he’d allow it
    though after coming and asking for affection
    he freuqently would twitch
    and sink his fangs and claws deep into me

    my sons claim in any other household
    he would have been put down

    as it was
    a few years ago
    around Thanskgiving
    he decided he’d had it with
    domesticity and left
    returned for half an hour
    in February
    left again after one tour around the house;
    returned that May
    outside only
    to be petted one last time
    and hasn’t been seen since

    Irie was his name
    (Rastafari for “happy”)
    go figure

  7. That is a gorgeous kitty. Best of luck to Suzanne! Back in college, I knew a cat named Irie… he was a blue-eyed white shorthair, nominally belonging to one of the students at my co-op, but generally had the run of the vicinity. Often friendly, but very “spooky” — reputedly, the previous year someone had fed him “magic mushrooms”, and he was still freaked….

  8. Thanks, Suzanne! We’ll hammer out the details via email. I’ll try to keep the kitty alive until you get here.

    Tha’s sad about Quicksilver.

    Rachel – You know you don’t need an excuse. Mi casa es tuyo.

    Pica, Peter – Sorry for the cognitive dissonance. What can I say? At least I didn’t blog it on Friday.

    reputedly, the previous year someone had fed him “magic mushrooms�, and he was still freaked
    People who feed psychotropic substances to pets – I don’t know. I think that, too, falls under the “heartless jerk” category.

  9. OMG, opened my FeedBlitz email ready for my often bracing Via Neg wake-up and saw…a cute kitty?!


    Many happy trails to Lucky, Suzanne, and you.

    (I’m at max cat-pacity, per The Mur, but if ever a cat had a great adoption publicist…and am sure this post, shared among my usual local suspects, would have generated a flurry of “pick me! pick me!”s. Lucky, indeed.)

  10. As a side note, I actually have a nephew named Lucky. No, not an animal of any sort, a real live human being. Named Lucky. Can you imagine? That tells you something about my family, doesn’t it?

  11. What I wouldn’t do, Dave, to hear you say “purr-fect little snoogie-woogams” aloud and in a convincing lovey-dovey tone.

    The next time I’m in Plummer’s Hollow, I wanna tote guns.

  12. Lori – You know people who would drive all the way from Texas to Pennsylvania to pick up a kitten? Wow.

    twitches – Perhaps your nephew says something similar about his Aunt Twitches? :)

    I know a guy nicknamed Lucky, but he doesn’t have a hook for a hand or anything like that. It’s just an abbreviation of his given name, Lakshman (he’s from Sri Lanka).

    Lorianne – You were supposed to imagine a deeply ironic, deadpan delivery there. I’m not sure I can do lovey-dovey. Like most foreign languages, if you don’t learn it at a young age, it never really comes naturally.

    I wanna tote guns.
    Gun envy?

  13. People who feed psychotropic substances to pets – I don’t know. I think that, too, falls under the “heartless jerkâ€? category.

    More likely, “judgement-impaired” due to their own prior ingestions. As you might guess, that was the local “hippie house”. I will note that cats happily partake of catnip, which by its effects is clearly a feline hallucinogen. (For humans it’s just a mild stimulant.)

  14. Halluginogen would be hard to prove, but it’s certainly a powerful euphorogen for them. And that’s the problem – these things affect different species in different ways. But pretty much every critter with a well-developed nervous system seems to enjoy altered states, judging by the wde variety of birds and animals that will get drunk if given half a chance.

  15. Well, I’m a bit late in a reply, but lucky Suzanne! Had I seen the post earlier AND would have been able to convince my reluctant boyfriend, I would have liked to nab the little furball. Dave, if any more strays come your way, you know where to post the “classified”! (Seriously, though, I would have offered to take her as well.)

  16. the kitten
    er ahh
    a HE-cat not
    a she-cat
    and I have safely returned home
    as soon as I finish posting this
    I am going to opern the cage dooir
    he was a purrfect travel companion
    no caterwauling
    no piteous meows
    I spent muych of the trip
    with my fingers through the wire door
    ear scratching
    and having my fingers licked

    I’ll be blogging a little later
    this evening at my blog
    about the trip
    the visit
    and the kitten

  17. A happy outcome. I’ve been living with cats since I was a toddler. I remember how broken up my mom was once when I was a teenager. My sister’s cat, who spent time out of doors, was laying on the driveway behind the family car and my mom hit the feline. She never let on about it because she was so broken up over what had happened.
    Katahdin and Odonata, both Maine coons, have been part of our household for about 7 years now.

  18. robin andrea – It certainly is a nice-looking animal – see suzanne’s pictures for a better look its pelage.

    leslee- Thanks for reposting. I did see that (probably gives you an idea of how much time I waste on YouTube) – pretty darned cute.

    suzanne – Yes, i came clean with my ignorance about its sex in my latest post! I’m glad the trip went so well. It was a pleasure hosting you here.

    Alan – I didn’t know you were fond of cats. I think you’ve only ever blogged about your dog.

    I have had a number of traumatic experiences with pets over the years, but that’s not why I didn’t keep this one. I’m simply too poor to afford the vet bills and such.

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