1. Impetuously but politely declare that you are quitting.

2. Attempt to quit.

3. Pretty soon you will have the itch again.

I’ve noticed this with quite a number of people, the latest being writer Clare Dudman. I was very glad to see her back again!

Or perhaps you should just have some guests over for a few rousing scribbles…

I like the nonplussed cardinal. The whole scene was so human.
Squirrel exhaust was rather charming as well.

Once I saw a very amusing, frolicksome squirrel chase, round and round and high tree. Suddenly the young lady squirrel lost her grip and fell. It was a slapstick moment, all at high speed. But she never got up again, and her beau was confused and bemused, feeling his way round and round, until at last he went slowly away.