Wow, thanks for all the feedback! I think maybe admitting I’m feeling this way may have helped a little. In regards to the specific suggestions, I do think a hiatus is the best way to renew my enthusiasm, and I am planning one, starting in the middle of June and lasting for six to eight weeks. I’m just hoping to keep posting regualrly until then. As Loren says, concentrating on pictures is one thing I can do. I’d also like to get back into posting audio clips (though the slight nausea I feel at having to re-read my writing is nothing compared to what I feel on listening to my own voice!). Alan’s suggestion of more physical exercise is a good one. And I agree with Zhoen: I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers slowing down, especially once they passs the three-year mark. In my case, maybe it is spring fever, as Cady May suggests (but I certainly don’t mind the obligation of answering comments – that’s the fun part!).

As for the squirrel games, the females are supposed to come into heat in late January around here, but some of them seem to have missed that memo. (Or maybe the wintery weather is triggering something?) I just watched an amorous pair in the woods about half a mile from the house. See here for much more on gray squirrels.

I shouldn’t really describe it as chasing, BTW – it’s more like follow-the-leader. When the female stops, the pursuing male usually stops, too.