I’ve been suffering from a bit of blog ennui myself. I have no doubt that it’s apparent lately. I believe it’s tied to something along your comment, “Maybe my mill just needs more grist.” The cold weather has dragged on, occasional snow, and still no Wood Frogs behind the barn. Last summer, I was often racing back to the house to empty my camera and write about something I’d seen. Lately, the photos languish in the camera for days until I finally pull myself together and force myself to download them — only to find a bunch of ho-hum white, gray and brown dead-grass and bare branch images. Yes, as you commented a couple of days ago, this weather is getting pretty old.
I’ve found that it helps to just blog when I feel inclined and not worry about trying to put something up each day. That helps. No doubt, when things pick up outdoors, I’ll be back to my “I can’t wait to post this” feeling. Maybe you’ll feel much the same.