marja-leena – In fact, Canada mayflower and its cogeners are sometimes called wild, or false, lily-of-the-valley. True lily-of-the-valley is in a different genus of the lily family, though.

I’m sure L. will be fine. Not every deer tick carries Lyme disease in any case, but getting the shots is a good precaution.

Rebecca – Ten deer between the two of you? Does that include special permits issued at a property owner’s requests? We have a couple programs like that.

I have to think that the higher proportion of woods to fields, suburbs and other openings makes a difference too. I don’t think the soil would be that different. The plateau areas are comparable in length of season to this area I’ve profiled here due to their higher elevation. Then again, severer winters on parts of the WV uplands could be a limiting factor on deer populations, and not just during the worst die-off winters like 2003 (it was March 2005 for us), especially if combined with different, more wolf-like behavior in your coyotes.

At any rate, thanks for the very informative comment.

marly – I’m glad the specialness of the place came through.