Thanks for all the comments; constructive criticism is always welcome! Thanks Sarah and Rachel for helping me see where I still have some work to do. I don’t often write poems where the stanzas are this distinct one from another. Getting them to work together is unusually tricky.

Marja-Leena – It sounds like your father was a real role model for you as an artist. I’m glad this helped shake some memories loose.

Natalie – I hadn’t thought about the Shakers in reference to this series, though of course I’m flattered by the comparison. To be honest, my main reason for avoiding power tools thus far is the fact that I don’t understand them. But probably even if I did, it would still be harder to see a power tool apart from its toolness.

Evan – Glad you liked. There might well be a better word than “dangerous,” but the idea there was key. This poem was strongly influenced by all the natural disasters in the news.