Prima materia

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Poem: 'Before we brought them more specialized tools, they used to make blades and mirrors from the same black stone: blades for killing, mirrors for capturing souls.'

For a larger version of the photo sans poem, see here.

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11 Replies to “Prima materia”

  1. I was just reading an NYT article about the problems that wind farms have in the winter, notably a tendency to throw off sharp bits of ice. Then I click to you and find this. Very nice. :)

  2. Thanks for the supportive comments. All the other poems in the series so far have emerged from prolonged contemplation of the images, but I thought this one up on a walk at dusk, and only subsequently looked in my photoblog archives and found the obvious image. I hesitated a little before posting it because it represents a bigger step into the world of the actual conquistators than any of the others so far.

    Jarrett – Thanks for making that association. Maybe this does still have a contemporary resonance, then! Yes, ice-throw is a problem with wind turbines, though a relatively minor one compared to some of ther other drawbacks (habitat fragmentation, bird- and bat-kill, local climate disruption, power grid destabilization, shadow flicker and noise).

  3. Fantastic. I really love what you’re doing here. I think it’s a shame that you’re not including them in Postal Poetry. I understand the editorial policy but they are so good, Dave. This is my favourite, until tomorrow’s *grin*.

  4. Jo – Thanks. Part of the reason I’m doing this, of course, is to try and raise interest in the genre – and thus indirectly lead to more submissions to PP.

    Lorianne – Hey, thanks for stopping by.

    Larry – High praise. I love Lori’s photos.

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