Video link.

Yesterday’s post was such a hit, I thought I’d follow up with a short video that’s also all about me, me, me.


  1. I don’t think those animals were really talking. I think this whole video was faked by the guy who runs this site. I looked on Snopes but didn’t see anything on there yet. So I asked them to check it out. I mean, a guy who grows three penises out of his forehead claims to have recorded animals talking. Come on.


  2. I have seldom laughed aloud and with such enjoyment, at something on the screen. Your last post, too. As to this one: Darwin, thou shouldst be living at this hour.


  3. I would also like to see some stills from this video with the poems written beneath. Tis a lot easier to cut and paste. (grin)


  4. Oh I totally believe the animals were talking. It proves there’s intelligent design — at least on Via Negativa.


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