Thanks for asking Laura, And yes, I’d be more than happy for you to post a link to the site. Soon I’ll be building a page for Dave, and there his poem will be posted alongside the painting on which he drew. I’ve so enjoyed following the flurry of correspondence resulting from this beautiful poem. (I don’t run a blog myself.) I only once suggested a collaboration with a poet, and that was with the late Catriona Urquhart. We were close friends and it happened in an entirely natural way. (Only one small Private Press edition of her poems produced in her lifetime: ‘The Mares Tale’, published by the Old Stile Press in 2001. Illustrations by me. You can see images at my website on the ‘Books’ page.) But in recent years… certainly since the website has been up… a very small handful of writers have contacted me with regard to having used my paintings or drawings as a starting point for their own work, and I’ve found the process to be mutually enriching. Frequently a poem emerges that makes me want to just go back and do another painting (or paintings) on the theme. As with a thread of music, endless ‘variations’ can develop through the process. Ideas and perspectives I’d never thought of myself. True collaboration, and in the most gentle and rewarding way. I’ll certainly be returning to Saints Anthony and Paul, but this time via the filter of Dave’s evocative and moving meditation on solitude. His poem shall be pinned to the easel while I work. I can see the painting in my mind’s eye, even as I write this. However it can take time. In 2004 a friend sent me a copy of Seamus Heaney’s ‘Saint Kevin and the Blackbird’, and the paintings that poem inspired are only just emerging five years later. The first, ‘Tender Blackbird’, is nearly finished, and there are at least another six ready to go. Rich pickings from a single poem.