Thanks for this, Dave.

About Buson’s death poem:
[Shira ume ni akuru yo bakari to nari ni keri]
The night almost past,
through the white plum blossoms
a glimpse of dawn.

A long time ago I wrote a short article for a Dutch haiku magazine on Bashô’s death poem, and also mentioned Buson’s there. I remember one or more on the commentaries on Buson’s death poem stressing that he not only died shortly before dawn, but also at the end of winter. So the plum blossoms are the perfect kigo for the onset of spring, but I think they also signify the start of a new phase, because Buson is dying. Sort of like a new spring in a new place: Amidha’s Western Paradise.

My Dutch rendering of the poem at the time translates something like:

As of today
the dawn shines
plum blossom white.