Beautiful combination of words, ideas and images! Orange! Mmmmmm, love it or hate it, it certainly grabs the attention. Just scrolling down your post Dave made my olfactory memory hurtle back in time to the days of sitting in a darkened cinema with my mum, when bliss was a rubbery, synthetic-tasting hot dog slathered in ketchup and mustard, and a carton of glowingly orange Kia-ora squash!

What is that beetle standing on in the second photograph? Is it a fungus? It looks almost varnished.

Here in the garden there’s a harshly hued orange lily that each year I dread coming into bloom. It has the sheen of plastic, more a manufactured thing than what you’d expect of a flower. It was left by the previous owner. For four years we’ve moved it around the garden trying to find a spot where the colour will work, but so far have lamentably failed. It blooms too late for the bedfellows we’ve tried it with, and now I see it’s about to flower in a bank of soft blues and pinks and violets, and yet again it’s going to wreck the vista. I fight against uprooting it and depositing it on the compost heap. I’m really not ruthless enough to be a good gardener. I wish it fitted so well into its surroundings as the oranges in your photographs. Blue works well I guess, and the vivid green of the first image. Yes, I think maybe you’ve inspired me to try again. Dave the colour guru!!!