Dave: I actually thought of you when I upgraded earlier in 2010 to hardbacks for both books. Don’t expect writing: they are brain-dumps. But dumps are wonderful sources and inspiration, no? His (historical, literary, political, musical, intuitive) breadth of allusion is startling.

Orange, for example, leads to carrots, which in turn covers: historical colors of carrots, Edith’s Sitwells’s Aubade, Lewis Carroll, Bronson Alcott, and John Reed’s meal at a Soviet restaurant called I Eat No One.

This is typical: “[t]arnish on silver is orange, as are baseball paths, pedicurists’ orange sticks, old-time Russian lampshades (according to John Gunther in Inside Russia), Rhodesidan Ridgeback dogs, citronella, vitamin-D pills, crabs, paragoric, ambeer – tobacco juice!- the tint of fresh coffee (stale coffee is grayish), ribbed Catholic confessional partitions, the lifeguards’ trunks and floats of TV’s Baywatch, the hair of jackals, and Monet’s border of nasturtiums (capucine) – they are edible – now profusely overrunning the sunlit paths of Giverny.”