Woodrat Podcast 32: Happy New Year?

New Year's self-portrait
New Year's self-portrait

A very brief show with no guest — just me holding forth. Best wishes for a creative and productive 2011. May the fleeting moments of joy and transcendence out-weigh the boredom and despair.

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Theme music: “Le grand sequoia,” by Innvivo (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence)

16 Replies to “Woodrat Podcast 32: Happy New Year?”

    1. Thanks, man — same to you! Couldn’t decide whether to do video or audio for this, but in the end couldn’t see spending the time and trouble to envideo a rant. Plus, it’s kind of gross to watch men with beards while we’re eating.

  1. Nice rant, Dave. “Happy” is an emotion, not a state of being, fleeting, moments. I’ve never understood the American obsession with it.

    That said, hope your new year filled with happy moments and a lot of life.


  2. Can’t get the podcast. You must be too popular today… I’ll have to try again later.

    Liked your quirky haiku.

    I must be zooming on the downward slope because I just don’t have time for idle boredom and unreasoning despair (ah, youth! you spendthrift of days!) Just give me the joy and transcendence, with contentment in-between.

    Advice from the Young Crone: take straw, make gold.

    1. No, Marly, I can’t imagine you ever have time for boredom, idle or otherwise! But I’m kind of glad I do, in a way. It would drive me crazy to be as productive as you are. Goofing off is essential to my mental health.

      Thanks for liking my haiku, and do try again on the podcast — it really shouldn’t choke at all regardless of traffic.

      1. Oh, I think one’s contentment might be another’s boredom! I definitely need the dream time. I’d like to ramble more but am not a good faux-Yankee once it gets cold.

        I never feel that the writing is a problem. What I don’t care for is business. There’s too much business! And marketing, that sad word.

        Shall try the podcast again.

        1. Happiness is like so many things–must forget about it to get any.

          My Uncle Louis, who died a while ago at 101 (25 years older than my mother), once wrote down an account of how my grandfather mixed up coca-cola for his soda shop. The account includes a little bottle of cocaine.

          I’m fond of Arkansas Blacks, myself. The colors in and out are so beautiful…

          Contentment again. I like that.

          1. Yes, there’s nothing so fatal to happiness as the realization that one is, in fact, happy.

            Never had that variety of apple. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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