New Year’s haiku

New Year’s Eve
so pleased my balled-up tissue made the waste basket


“Next year will be different”
watching others party on TV


“Happy New Year!”
The night-shift cashier stifles a yawn


Rainy New Year’s
the stench of scalded feathers fills the farm kitchen


A mouthful of what once were leaves
broken tea bag


Listening to the rain
I pick at an old scab


The dead cherry’s branches still manage to sway
amorous squirrels


Mid-afternoon bottle rocket
it’s still New Year’s

Updated to add:

Donning boots to dance on a sheet of bubble wrap
her 5th New Year

6 Replies to “New Year’s haiku”

  1. I like the first one, particularly. And not just because I have a mountain of used tissues on my night table that hasn’t made it to the trash can yet. (One of my worst colds/sinus infections in years, but I’m much better today.)

    And your niece’s fireworks sound fine!

    1. Sorry to hear you’ve got a bug, too. Mine wasn’t too severe, but I sure have gone through a lot of tissues!

      I must admit it was I who encouraged the rampant bubble-wrap abuse yesterday. The kid loved it. Wish I’d had my video camera handy.

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