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Opossum out at mid-day
on the glare ice
wipes its snout with its paws.

It’s digging through the crust
to reach food we’ve pitched—
old barbecue sauce, rotten cabbage—

inserting its head
as if through the shell
of a great white egg…

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3 Replies to “Miner”

  1. I felt the weirdest tremble when I pushed a reluctant mare through a gate with all my might from behind, one hand on each of her hips, sort of like the way one kid shoves the other in line ahead of him. It was the icy snow that I felt in her bones. It could almost bear her weight and it collapsed in stages.

      1. Definitely inspired by your eggshell snow. I wanted to mention bruxing and biting down of a bit of eggshell that came with scrambled eggs might not be too dissimilar to the sensation I felt in my hand.

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