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What would the wind do
without the daffodils’ yellow
hoopla of blooms?

Tree leaves are still
packed tight as gunpowder
in their slim cartridges.

When the wind brings
the rumor of a storm,
only the rhododendron turns pale.

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3 Replies to “Makeshift”

  1. Great poem, spare and visual. I especially like the middle stanza. While reading this I was listening to the news on BBC Radio 4. There was an item about resisting the spread of invasive alien plant species, and as I came to the word “rhododendron” I heard the rumour that this is one of the genera that may be outlawed.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it’s very invasive in the UK, but here, so far we only have the native species (knock wood); the ornamentals haven’t proved very aggressive.

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