Event horizon

For if the dust of everything, the particle
of every gesture and every moment

is always and already the very shimmer
and form of the here and now, then

the person you have always been
but think you are still trying to become

is right here trying to get your attention,
trying to turn you away from the asshole

who has just said something incredibly rude
or even cruel while standing next to you

in line, so that it causes you to forget
the sound of the music you carry inside,

it causes you to believe the falsehoods
inflicted by whoever brandishes the biggest

flame seething in the abyss of his un-
acknowledged fear or pain— But the past

is paradox, is both now and still
to happen; will never be fixed like stone

in burial ground. The scorch of summer
has opened its pores, incessant rains

have softened it for growing.
Not even the chill of coming winter

can alter the structure of what
the seed is/meant to be.

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