In the morning to the Temple to my cozen Roger, who now desires that I would excuse him from arbitrating, he not being able to stand for me as he would do, without appearing too high against my uncle Thomas, which will raise his clamour. With this I am very well pleased, for I did desire it, and so I shall choose other counsel.
Thence home, he being busy that I could not speak more with him. All day long till twelve o’clock at night getting my house in order, my wife putting up the red hangings and bed in her woman’s chamber, and I my books and all other matters in my chamber and study, which is now very pretty. So to bed.

morning Zen
I would be a pear
on her mat

Erasure haiku derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Wednesday 26 November 1662.

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    1. I think I wanted to inject a note of longing, but perhaps all it does is inject a note of WTF. “My mat” seemed too bald when I wrote this, though now it doesn’t. Hmm.

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