The wind-up doggie keeps popping its head up:
not even real but a fur-covered plastic shell in a pink 
plastic basket made to look like the real thing. 

The additional $39.99 you were charged for adding
door reversal to a refrigerator purchase: so it opens
from left to right instead of the other way.

Meaning, two centuries ago the servants of the rich
might go down to the frozen pond to chop blocks
of ice for hauling into straw-lined ice houses.

The 5.3 liters of water 
needed to produce a single-
use water or soda bottle.

Meaning the 145 school shooting victims 
in just the first half of 2022, plus the 21 victims
and 9 wounded in Robb Elementary School, Uvalde.

The game in which you're asked to guess
how many beans are in the cup, how many
tears fill up the lake.

The almost 11,000 hate crimes against Asians
self-reported (mostly by women) to Stop AAPI Hate, 
between March 2020 and December 2021. 

Meanwhile, you keep lists. The spring loads.
You are tired of researching lists, keeping 
lists. Your eyes are heavy with the world.

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