Pig Organs Partially Revived in Dead Animals

Bodies started falling  
like sickened apples first
in Wuhan and then in most 
countries of the world except 
for a few, like Vanuatu or 
the Marshall Islands where you 
might still find flame angel fish 
because all the tourists left 
and won't be back for a long time. 

Many of us kept a diary, observing 
our loneliness and the loneliness 
of our neighbors; which of them had
milk and eggs delivered and which 
had pizza or Chinese takeout. 
No one wanted bodies 
bagged  then taken away 
for cremation, the confusion 
of paperwork left behind by 
the newly dead who didn't see 
their deaths coming. 

It's an industry 
all to itself, this thing called dying. 
Some profit more than others. 
Meanwhile, scientists keep 
working in their labs, testing for 
new ways to kill any germ at its root. 

Others say they've found a serum 
that brings to life the heart 
and liver or kidney and brain 
of disembodied pigs. 

Not so long ago 
we used to have parties 
for which a whole roast 
pig was ordered. It presided 
over the buffet table: caramel 
colored crackling skin, Red
Delicious stuck in the open
mouth of a grin.  

Think of it— 
As if living inside 
the shroud of death 
weren't enough, now we also 
have to consider the possibility 
of zombie animals. 

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