Landscape, with Cave of Shadows and Animal Crossing

"to love the last things we must have a little time" 
                                                                   ~ D. Bonta 

I too would love to make of this life
a system tuned toward bell-like 

insight, a user's manual well-thumbed 
and underlined until the very last page. 

But there's no extension pack 
for epistemology, no understanding 

why, in and out of the game, a body 
must ram itself into things to make 

a living, collect and sell tokens to move 
from tent to furnished house complete 

with patio furniture, manicured lawn 
and sound system. I guess every world 

makes us believe it has its built-in logic;
this is no exception— a night sky is ideal

for shooting stars, and vines or a bridge 
are good for getting across to the other side.

With progress to a higher Designer rank, you 
might one day free your philosopher from 

his chamber while the other villagers gossip
or fish in shadowy ponds, knowing no other life.


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