Teju – I’m glad you liked the post.

I think we’ve all had that experience – I know I have. That’s why the poem resonated with me. But I’ve also discovered it’s impossible to avoid unconscious influences in my writing. Just recently, for example, I was reading some of Francis Ponge’s prose poems from The Nature of Things (Le parti pris des choses) for the first time in probably twenty years. I was shocked to discover how closely my prose poem about a slug, first drafted some ten years ago, resembles Ponge’s pieces on Mullusks and The Snail.

“Grossâ€? doesn’t bother me at all. I think the context rules out the slang meaning entirely.
I will venture to guess that that’s because you are fluent in many more varieties of English than I am, and are thus more used to taking context, speakers and occasion into account.