Thanks. Yeah, that’s a valid point and more than a nitpick. (Well, for a poet, no point is too minor!) In earlier drafts I did have “my fortune,” and may revert to that. The attitude here I think is basically, “whatever comes, comes from god,” but I like that she doesn’t make that explicit. A good reason to use the word “fortune” is for the double-meaning of “wealth,” which seems to be echoes by the final image (having/holding, two hands, two eyes). On the other hand, our modern English connotations may not be quite right, either. And probably few besides professional gamblers or baseball players still have a strong notion of personal luck. I’m also not content with using the bland “latitude” for a more concrete word, “cuerda.” After pondering this for a while, I decided that she probably thought of the gaze as a ray or beam — something more active than our modern conception. So that was tricky to try and bring across.