Harry – Thanks for the tip! That was my first priority to work on this morning; I noticed it just after I published this post last night.

Jean – I’m very glad you liked it. I was a little worried that fans of minimalism like yourself would find the double sidebar a bit much.

Lorianne – Swell; that’s what I was aiming for. The impression of spaciousness is interesting, since the Modern theme made a fetish of whitespace, which this does not. But the main difference here is the increase in main column width from 425px to 500px. So it feels a bit less cramped, maybe.

David – Well, I haven’t tried swapping in the title styles from the old theme yet, so maybe I’ll play around with that today. (Thanks to a new plugin, I can actually edit the theme without anyone but me seeing the changes – a great alternative for those of us not geeky enough to figure out how to set up a local installation of our blogs!) As for the title color, I really like that shade of green, so I can’t promise it will change at all, but I will play around with it some more. The idea is not only to inject a spot of color and brightness, but also to neutralize the casual visitor’s negative response to “negativa.”

There is a plugin that would give a preview as well as editing ability, but I don’t think that’s necessary, and I want to avoid javascript/AJAX in comments.

Sally – Good to hear from an unrepentent IE user. (That would include my mom, too, I’m ashamed to admit.) Not very many folks still use the 800px width, but for those who do, they’ll just miss part of the right sidebar and the fun-but-inessential Browse and Random Post links. I think a horizontal scrollbar is far preferable to a flexible-width main column, which would play havoc with images and the way text flows around them. I thought about making the main column narrower, but in that case the content on the right might prove too much of a distraction.

…deb – Thanks for the review. There are four styles of type, counting the header, but with the link style set to heavy/dark, it looks like more. I could always change that (and it could be different in the main column from the sidebar); my preference is for the least obtrusive link styling.

By “boxed quotes,” you mean the blockquote? I’m definitely not wedded to that style. Actually, I’ve always thought that blog theme designers’ obsession with fancy blockquote styles is a little silly.

Rurality – Thanks for checking it out. Late last night it occurred to me to wonder whether there are any blogs out there which are intentionally only available via RSS, with nothing but a Subscribe link showing on the main page. That would be an interesting way to give the finger to search engines!