Wow. This is a big change.

I like the organization. It’s easy to navigate and find things.

The layout is very clean and uncluttered.

The type in the righthand side column seems a tad small. No, I don’t have trouble with my vision (yet); it’s just a question of wading through lots of tiny text being a little tiring to the eye.

I miss color in a big way! To my eye, it’s a bit severe at the moment. You might consider adding a third color to your scheme (to the shades of green and black). Alternatively, you could repeat the green, for instance in the post and sidebar headers — but you’d want to make sure that “via negativa” still stood out as primary. I also miss the graphic at the top.

I imagine this will look a little different once your posts with photos start appearing again, but generally speaking a page broken up with images of some sort is easier to scan. Eye tracking studies of web pages show over and over that the eye is drawn to the visual over the words. That refers to images, but can include “graphical” text (i.e., large or colorful or unusually designed).

And I’m with the others on the all-cap headers. For one word, like “CHANGE,” it works. But when you get to “CUTTING A HATCHET,” it begins to seem, well, a bit much.

Impressive work, Dave. (And yeah, you do know some artists! Work those internet connections!)