MB – Thanks for that very thorough review! You make a lot of good points. I was just comparing the way the sidebar font appear in the various browsers: very sharp and light-weight in Opera, almost as good in Firefox, a little muddy and hard to read in IE, and worst of all in Safari (which I have adjusted for optimal display on my kind of monitor). Arial/Helvetica is supposed to be the most legible font at a small size, so I may not have too many options other than increasing the size (which is obviously problematic given the narrow width of the columns). I’ll play around with it, though. Thanks for mentioning that.

[Update, 15 min. later] O.K., I upped the size a tenth of an em (and also moved the right sidebar in from the edge). To my eye, the sidebar is a bit more legible now in the problematic browsers.

Your points about color and graphics are very well taken, too. As for the all-cap titles, I don’t know… I think there’s a good chance I’ll keep them. Years ago, when I was still quite paper-oriented, I used to type my poems with all-cap titles, so I think I imprinted on that style.