More good feedback! Thanks Peter, rr, and Jean. Interesting to see the difference of opinion on the “Browse” drop-down categories menu (which I can’t take credit for; it came with the theme). It is superfluous, designed to tempt new visitors into exploration, like the Random button next to it.

I am seriously thinking about an image (probably small and b&w). I’m not ready to promise anything, but that’s one of the things on my to-do list for today.

[Update, 2 hours later] O.K., enter Bear. (If anyone has a better idea of an image to represent the apophatic way, feel free to share.)

rr, I’m coming to the same conclusion about the top comment link. So with you echoing my own reaction, I think I’ll take it out.

Jean, that’s an excellent suggestion to replace “Visual Soma” with “photo blog.” Yes. The RSS buttons were designed for qarrtsiluni, so I should probably design different ones in any case. I am going to add an extra sentence to the “Welcome” statement, I think.

The trouble with this kind of comment thread, of course, is that people who stop by after I’ve made the changes suggested here will wonder what the hell you’re talking about!

Oh, one other thing I need help making up my mind on is whether to include my own comments in the Recent Comments link? And if not (which is the current setting), should I retitle it “Recent Visitors”? There really isn’t room for more than seven at a time, so leaving my own comments out makes more room for other voices.