Just to clarify, I realize that “fair use” doesn’t actually apply to works originating outside the U.S., I just think it’s a good model. I happen to feel strongly that translations are, in fact, as original as any work in close response to another — an ekphrastic poem, for example — so I’m afraid I don’t recognize any kind of ethical claim to the contrary. Trying to control how and whether other people explicate one’s work is absurd, and fundamentally that’s what a translation is: a detailed explication in another language. As for reproducing the texts, that’s legally suspect too, as I’ve acknowledged. But it’s very much in the spirit of the widespread blogging practice of reproducing whole poems for the purposes of explication, so again, since I’m not making any money here (in fact, spending it), since my use is transformative, and since my purpose is to promote and critique, I don’t have an ethical conflict about it.