Gosh, having read carefully everything you and Ren have to say, I just don’t know what to think about the copyright issue for translators – what a wuss!

I do know what I think about translation and your translations in particular: it isn’t a perfect command of two languages that makes a good translator, and all the more especially of poetry. Especially in these days of all the great online vocabulary sources, a successful translator is a sensitive, attentive reader and a good writer in their own language. Your translations are fantastically good, always a pleasure to read, and I loved the Hernandez poems. Orhan Pamuk’s translator, Maureen Freely, is always saying that she feels a bit of a fraud because, although she spent much of her childhood in Turkey, her Turkish isn’t perfect. She’s a writer and novelist herself and obviously has a deep feeling for Turkish, even if her knowledge isn’t perfect. Her translations are wonderful.