Hmm. Typing into the comment box here, so likely to be more unstructured and rambling than usual. However I find this post very interesting, and of course you end with a series of questions about motivation etc which are the obvious questions to ask. Like… why? So I’ll ask others (I hope)… like what? What would this be? An interview? In other words you’d just ask questions? So it would be like… “what do you like least about me?” “why x in particular?” there would be no attempt on your part to answer any of the points raised by the ‘hater’? (Hate is, as I think someone else has pointed out, a very strong word/emotion.) So you would go deeper and deeper, one question after another, drawing out this enormous strength of negative feeling, probing into its byways, sounding its depths? It wouldn’t be a discussion, no exchange of views? you would be the talking head dispassionately extracting information on the topic of the day, which happened to be you? That would be potentially a pretty powerful experience. But would you then broadcast it? and if you did would it be likely to be of any interest to anyone else? My experience of people who hate is that the strength of the emotion and its subject matter are far more often the product of their own personality/projections/egos/experiences which have found a convenient symbolic other to be hung upon than any accurate reflection of the recipient of their (toxic) bile. What’s the old saying… “hate is a poison I drink hoping you die”.

People who disagree with you, now that’s a different matter. But I still wonder about the “interview” bit. Discussion would be interesting. A thorough exploration of difference. But that’s not toxic, is it?

The use of the word “toxic” is interesting. Toxic to who? to you? In which case it becomes a sort of ordeal by poison… how much bile and venom can Dave deal with before he unplugs his mic and throws it at his interlocutor? Perhaps a form of performance art like putting staples through your chest and being hung by them from hooks in the ceiling.

See, what we have here are my projections :-) I find hate so very terrifying I can’t imagine wanting to go out and look for it. I’ve never had to go far.