No, these aren’t just your projections; they’re very good questions which help me see what it is I would most like to do. Thank god for friends with more analytical minds than mine!

I guess I would hope to keep the interests of the audience uppermost in mind, and move rather soon beyond the fact of their antipathy toward me and my work (see how easily I duck the hate vs dislike question?), to an exploration of what sort of thing they do like, who they are in general and what they’re about. It would be in all likelihood no more of an interview than any of my other podcast discussions — except perhaps that I’d probably have to email a set of questions in advance as a trust-building measure, to get them to agree to do it, with the caveat that we’d be free to explore any interesting digressions. And I’d probably feel a bit more constrained than usual with enthusiastic responses to their points.

Understand, this is all fantasy or thought-experiment at this point. I may not be at all the kind of person I think I am: someone with interesting enemies, or someone able to engage in this kind of exercise without ingesting the poison.