I love this poem. I love this word! On first glance, The world unchurched sounded to me almost like a medieval pejorative against unbelievers. Sort of akin to unwashed. Or maybe it was a punishment. A banishment. “You are now unchurched!!” Then it started me thinking. It could do double duty. There seems to be no word for people who have been ‘churched’ since babyhood, and decided in adulthood (or early kidhood) that they do not believe anymore. Yeah, I know. Anti-theist..Atheist, Agnostic…but non of those presuppose that the person has been through the church, and finally emerged if not totally unscathed at least elightened. In this context, unchurched doesn’t mean you have never been, but that you have been there, done that and are now deprogrammed and free at last.