Vagina Dialogue

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A college roommate once confessed
he fantasized about growing a vagina
on his shoulder: It would be

so handy, right there
whenever he needed to whisper
in its big wet ear.

John loved redheads & disliked feminists.
One woman informed me
he had “bedroom eyes.”

Where would the uterus go? I asked.
He laughed. It wouldn’t need one—
it would have me.

What about the pillow talk?
It would sing me to sleep, he said,
with its pulse of surf.


See Rachel’s photographic response, “Salty.”

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4 Replies to “Vagina Dialogue”

    1. Hi Carolee – Glad you liked this! John was the first guy I ever knew who specialized in redheads. I of course thought he was crazy. Chalk it up to youthful ignorance, I guess. :)

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