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To be small is to be distant
& vice versa.

The asterisk calls.
It leaves a message.

You turn it all the way up:
it sounds like a small fan.

In some parallel universe
all the stars look like this

& books with too many footnotes
collapse into black holes.

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9 Replies to “Asterisk”

  1. Very evocative, Dave. Back in the days of very very old typewriters with sharp keys wedded uncomfortably to inferior paper a number of my ‘o’s would collapse into black holes. (grin)

  2. Hey, hey with the black holes. Fear not the footnote, as tis merely a properly-addressed parallel universe.

    I muchly love that fan. If overused, asterisks reverse spin to star-pellet sentences, pocking them like car roofs in a hail storm.

  3. To eradicate asterisks et al. absolutely would drain joy from the world. An asterisk is a daisy, which signals dessert.

    No one salivates at a footnote. But for those of us whose content/tangent ratios skew, numbers can at least restore the illusion of order and intention.

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