Yes, it’s actually not too bad here. I’m not right on the ocean, but in a place that is very much influenced by the temperatures in the Bay of Fundy. My place is on a brook about a half mile upstream from the confluence with the Annapolis River, which is tidal and joins with the Annapolis Basin at the tidal generating plant about 5 miles downstream. In fact, this brook is tidal at it’s lower reaches and I think the spot where it becomes tidal might be right around my place as sometimes it looks like the current is reversing. It can be a hot day here and then the tide comes up the river and cools things down considerably. There are a few large marshes nearby – Belle Isle and Pre Ronde are just a stone’s throw from here. Sometimes there are mosquitoes, but not really that many. I was told the blackflies can be wild here, but there barely put in an appearance this spring.