Thanks for sharing your perspective on aging, Albert, and you’re right — for a writer, the internet in general and self-publishing tools in particular change the whole equation, allowing even relatively unmotivated guys like me to share our stuff with audiences that are both larger and more responsive than anything we could have dreamed of in our youth. Through this series of poems at mid-life, I’ve been trying to convey my bemusement at aging and sense of wonder at the passage of time. Twain was spot-on with that quip about youth being wasted on the young — I think back to how fervent I was in my 20s about things I barely understood, for example. But I don’t regret anything, and I certainly wouldn’t want to live it over. I am amazed by some of the young people I see who seem to have life all figured out. Good for them, I say, with a mixture of cynicism and genuine admiration.