Shit Singing

There is singing in the tub
And mainly singing in the shower
But the towhee has one up on us
Cause this bird has the power
To sing while he’s excreting
And that really says a lot
Cause I don’t know many people
Who can sing while on the pot.
‘Twould require such stellar breath control
To warble while you went
I imagine that the subject would be totally spent
But yesterday, the bathroom being occupied by Pa,
I could swear I heard a musical and satisfying “ahhhh”.
This utterance could qualify. It’s just as good as not
For a nascent operatic shot at singing on the pot.

Great contributions as always from both Luisa and Dave. And funny! Naturally I am more familiar with Luisa’s narration than towhee droppings but Dave’s alliteration was an inspiration. :)