Spell Against Grey

I am looking for the little cathedral
window Neruda found in a slice of lemon,

for the cascade of rain that rice
grains make inside a hollow reed;

I am searching in the wild rose bushes
for the tiny hearts of deepest red

the birds return to again and again;
for the five-pointed star exploding

seeds in the apple’s creamy interior. Warm-
wet or windy: but I want to remember

the day’s pallor is merely one scene
in the stack of cards dealt by that

unseen fist: deceptive green, curled leaf
caught too in the first blush of death.


In response to an entry from the Morning Porch.

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  1. Rather alarming given that you are coming down with your daughter’s bug! But you are too lovely and vivid here to be in too much danger! XD And be well…


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