I was wondering about the purpose, or if there even is one, for reading scripture or anything else at a funeral. I would surmise that funerals are for the living that remain and what is done at a funeral is for them, as the dead will have no benefit, but may hope to have a purpose from the grave. There may be many purposes that could drive what is said at a funeral service, such as solace, revenge, love, hate, much like life itself. Even if you choose how you want your funeral to be, those who actually execute it may or may not follow your wishes without fearing retribution from you. And what does it matter to you? You no longer exist and all that you are is memories in the minds of others that will soon die, and those memories will die with them. As the teacher says in Ecclesiastes, “Meaningless, meanlingless, all is meaningless.” or “Vanity of vanities. All is vanity”. But then there is the strong possibility that the truth is that we all are immortal souls, and the choices of our mortal lives are meaningless, except that they are precursors that will lead us to eternal bliss or eternal agony. In that case the funeral may serve to celebrate the beginning of eternal joy or mourn the beginning of eternal hell. Then the words could express either sentiment. But if there is no immortality and death is the end, then just like life is meaningless, then what is said at the end of life is meaningless, so why bother.

I just read Dale’s thoughts. I,m curoius how he knows what is truth and what is a lie and how he knows that a liar is a monster. Who says?