I don’t use a Creative Commons license for my site, perhaps because I had an editor pay me a hundred dollars for one of my article to include it in a book.

I suspect my pictures are worth much more than my writing, and I’ve even sent high resolution copies to fellow bloggers who have asked to use the pictures.

Every thing is certainly there to be seen by as many people as possible, and I don’t make any money. It costs me money to share it with others.

But recently I found a web site that had used my RSS feed to post my entire site, and they’d inserted ads beside the entries. They claimed it was fair use of an RSS feed, but I saw it as anything but. I’m now considering whether I should limit my RSS feed to the first few lines like many writers do, but I like using an RSS reader and I hate to deny that accessibility to others.

I thought about trying to pay my costs by using Google ads or Amazon ads, but they seemed to be contrary to my main message. So I certainly don’t want others using them to support advertising, particularly advertising that I have no control over.

It’s a tough issue. Thanks for making me think about it again, Dave.