loren – Without a CC or GPL license, or some other such statement, presumptive copyright of course applies. I take it that’s what you meant.

I decided not to bring in the whole scraper issue, because this post had already grown long enough. I too have had content scraped by sites that exist to game search engines – so-called splogs – but the only reason I know about it is because they included links back to the source posts. So I did get credit for it. In that case, I’d almost rather I didn’t get credit! But it didn’t really bother me to see my words reused for such a smarmy purpose; I found it more amusing than anything. I’m curious as to why you feel so protective of your own works in this regard?

I certainly hope you don’t go to a partial feed as a result. Several blogs in my Google Reader have partial feeds, and quite often I don’t click through. I feel my primary obligation is to my readers, so I would never consider incoveniencing them like that. But all these are of course very personal reactions. I’m interested in hearing more about why you feel the way you do. (Gotta go to bed now, though. This post took days to write and I am TIRED!)