I am glad you wrote this post as it epitomizes how the concept of Open Source affects attitudes towards Intellectual property rights in general. Open Source in its current legal form is perversely less than open and free and actually destroys freedom in a pervasive manner.

These “free and open” movements with their new complex legal contracts actually are akin to genetic manipulation of the legal and commercial underpinning of our information society. They benefit those who want to use and plagiarize and never have to pay for copyright. The perverse thing is the attempt to create a legal frame to perpetuate itself virulently forcing anything based upon GPL based code to become GPL. Today these licenses have an affect like making an author lose his rights to the book because he quoted something from another author who made his work public domain.

The ideological obsession to making things free takes the rights to profits away from the writers and creators forever and creates a parallel universe of work based on “Open and free” that can be printed without paying for the content. In the end the only one making money is the printer or maybe the factory in China. Granted this is simplifying things but its what it boils down to.

Its scary to see Open Source ideology spilling into so many areas now even Poetry:) We have always had the concept and freedom to make things Public Domain and do not need complex synthetic creations that can have undesired consequences.

Who again was it that said “Everything in life begins in mystery and ends in politics”?