I like the notion of open-source poetry, especially in this crazy age of digital everything. As has been pointed out, traditional methods of publishing poetry usually result in 1,000 or fewer copies being sold. Unless you’re able to get yourself published in the pages of New Yorker, or you’re John Ashbery (who I think is not a human being but an alien signal being generated and sent from Alpha Centauri), your prospects are limited. The internet is a potential boon to poetry, but perhaps too many poets are bound by books. One of my favourite authors, a young British guy named Tom McCarthy, named Finnegan’s Wake as one of his favourite books because it contained “the source code of literature”. That’s about as modern a metaphor as you can get, I think, and one of the few computery metaphors I’ve heard that don’t sound affected (outside of science fiction). If our metaphors are catching up with the times, why aren’t our habits?